Feminist Educators Against Sexism #FEAS, is a feminist collective committed to developing interventions into sexism in the academy and other educational spaces. We use a mix of humour, irreverence, guerrilla methodology and collective action to interrupt and disarm both everyday and institutional sexism within Higher Education and other spaces.

#FEAS emerged out of many conversations between Mindy Blaise, Linda Knight and later Emily Gray about the kinds of everyday and structural sexism that shapes academia. Our starting place was conferences and the ways in which women’s work, voices, theory and philosophy are marginalised. #FEAS are committed to illuminating sexist practices within and beyond the broader structures of the university.

#FEAS are feminists; we are queer, Indigenous, people of colour, and white. #FEAS welcome allies and supporters and is a safe space for everyone who identifies with any letter of the LGBTIQ+ community, and anyone facing intersecting oppressions. Sex workers, transgender people, non-binary people are part of the #FEAS community.

Our archive is an archive of rebellion. It testifies to a struggle. To struggle for an existence is to transform an existence. No wonder: there is hope in the assembly.                              Sara Ahmed, 2015