homeimageFeminist Educators Against Sexism #FEAS, a feminist collective committed to developing interventions into sexism in the academy and other educational spaces. We use a mix of humour, irreverence, guerrilla methodology and collective action to interrupt and disarm both everyday and institutional sexism within Higher Education and other spaces.

#FEAS emerged out of many conversations between Mindy Blaise, Linda Knight and later Emily Gray about the kinds of ‘everyday sexism’ that is endured by women working in academia. Our starting place was conferences and the ways in which women’s work, voices, theory and philosophy is marginalised.

The more we thought about it and talked about it with friends and colleagues, the more inspired we were to work together to interrupt, challenge and intervene into both structural and everyday sexism in the academy. We were awarded a small grant from the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) and we examined the state of play for women in academia, ran two workshops and collectively designed arts-based interventions that we performed at the AARE conference at Melbourne’s shrine to masculinity, the Melbourne Cricket Ground in 2016.