#FEAS – Feminist Educators Against Sexism are committed to interrupting, challenging and otherwise shouting out about sexism in the academy and other educational spaces.

groupshot#FEAS was formed by Mindy Blaise, Emily Gray and Linda Knight in 2016 and emerged out of a funded project to develop arts-based interventions into sexism in higher education. We develop interventions that are performed at conferences and other public events. Our interventions include sexist/anti-sexist bingo cards, pipeline myth t-shirts that display statistics about women’s employment in universities, whistles to blow when no-one is listening, butterfly nets for catching those elusive opportunities and a stand up comedy performances that aren’t really very funny at all, and that as well as deploy the literal figure of the feminist killjoy.

By challenging sexism through humour, irreverence and collective action we highlight the inequalities, absurdities and dreary everydayness of sexism in the academy. From the original three, #FEAS now has many members located in Australia and all over the world including UK, Aotearoa New Zealand, Sweden, Belgium, the USA, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

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