cite-clubFeminist Educators Against Sexism #FEAS are an Australian-based, international feminist collective committed to developing interventions into sexism in the academy and other educational spaces. One of our most recent interventions is Cite Club, an email group where #FEAS send their most recent works to one another and cite one another where possible.

Remember, the first rule of Cite Club is that YOU DO talk about Cite Club. Let us know when you cite something you found through Cite Club.

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Cite club – The Kathleen Quinlivan Edition

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#FEAS Cite Club is inspired by Sara Ahmed’s (2013) call to be mindful of ‘who appears’ within feminist work, to not necessarily go to male theorists to understand women’s diverse lives but to cite feminist work to do so.

Cite Club is also inspired by the Citational Practices Challenge issued by Eve Tuck, K. Wayne Yang and Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández (2015) on the Critical Ethnic Studies blog, and their call to, “consider what you might want to change about your academic citation practices. Who do you choose to link and re-circulate in your work? Who gets erased? Who should you stop citing?” We aim to develop a network of feminist scholars with diverse identities and research interests and to build an archive of work that we can draw upon.

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