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Founded in March 2009 by Riese Bernard and Alexandra Vega and still run by a dedicated team of passionate weirdos, Autostraddle is an intelligent, hilarious & provocative voice and a progressively feminist online community for multiple generations of kickass lesbian, bisexual & otherwise inclined ladies (and their friends).

Cine-Feminist Network

This is based on the #FEAS – Feminist Educators Against Sexism’s Cite Club and Sara Ahmed’s concept of citation as a kind of feminist history and activism. To quote Emily Gray (founder of Cite Club): “The first rule of Cite Club is that YOU DO talk about Cite Club”

So please share these works, cite your fellow cine-feministas, incorporate this research into your courses and where possible order books for the library.

The Ediths

The Ediths are a feminist interdisciplinary research collective based at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. We use socially engaged creative methodologies to conduct ecologically responsive research.

The Gender and Education Association

Formally established in 2002 (though active from 1997 onwards), the association works to challenge and eradicate sexism and gender inequality within and through education.

GEA seeks to: 

  • Produce, promote and disseminate feminist and other critical scholarship on gender and education.
  • Raise awareness about international, national and local policies and practices relating to gender and education.
  • Inform and ‘educate’ policy makers by campaigning for educational change, lobbying for gender equality and responding to national and international issues.
  • Create networks to encourage and generate the exchange of information and ideas between teachers, managers, academics and policy makers.
  • Embed within teaching and learning practices a commitment to achieving gender equality.
  • Update educators with the knowledge required to develop reflective and critical pedagogies that promote social justice.

Feminist Killjoys Blog

My name is Sara Ahmed and I am a feminist writer and independent scholar. I work at the intersection of feminist, queer and race studies. My research is concerned with how bodies and worlds take shape; and how power is secured and challenged in everyday life worlds as well as institutional cultures.

Promoting Women in Academia

Primarily, this service offers universities independent review of applications for promotion.

But it also offers:

  • 1 : 1 coaching for women scholars on draft applications for promotion.
  • Safe facilitated workshops for university decision-makers on setting gender equity goals.

  • Seminar presentations and keynote addresses on gender inequity in academia.

  • Independent review of journal articles for editors preliminarily considered unsuitable for full peer review.

  • Independent review of grant applications for funders for proper appraisal of performance relative to opportunity.

Women Speakers in Healthcare

Our aim is for every healthcare event to have balanced gender representation. Too often, we hear that conference organisers ‘couldn’t find a woman’ to speak. Time & time again we see predominantly male speakers on conference panels, plenary sessions & keynotes.

We know this is not for a lack of phenomenal women speakers. We know these women exist & we want to make sure that they are offered the same opportunities as their male colleagues to speak at healthcare events & conferences.

We are Women Speakers in Healthcare Australia & New Zealand. We are building Australia & New Zealand’s largest database of female healthcare professionals who have an interest in speaking at these events, so that conference organisers know exactly where to find us.