For the first time in Cite Club history, Mieke Van Houtte does not have a publication … but she has recommended one for us. It is a PhD thesis from one of her students:

Thys, S. (2018) The tertiary effect of social class. Multilevel studies on the role of the primary school(teacher) in educational decision-making. PhD dissertation, supervisor Mieke Van Houtte. Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology, Ghent University.


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Creative works

Nelly Ali has been taking photographs of women strikers in the UK. She writes,

“An emergency protest outside the UCU was called for academics to show solidarity against a deal the UUK had negotiated that was totally unacceptable and demand it’s rejection. After two weeks of strikes to secure our pensions, the deal was, basically, a three year investigation period and a call for missed teaching lectures and seminars to be rescheduled despite having our pay deducted!

A huge turnout, lots of songs and chants and marches later and there was a unanimous rejection from all the universities to the deal…

I wanted to document not only the biggest movement and strike in recent union history in the UK, and this powerful attack on neo liberal education, but to capture the wonderful women who turn up, the women who resist, the women whose solidarity is so incredibly inspiring.

I hope you enjoy browsing these as much as I enjoyed taking them”.

Lani Burton asked us to share this Instagram post – There are some of the images of the masks she will be working with


“Getting truly excited for my presentation on new generation death masks as a future biocultural interface. First stop, lecture for The Russian Fashion Theory journal in Moscow – hosted by the fabulous Editor-in-Chief Dr @liudmila_aliabieva – Academic Director of PhD programs in Fine and Applied Arts, and Architecture at the Design School (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow). Next up, presentation at the TransImage Conference ‘The Latent Image’ – focusing on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture hosted by the Edinburgh Futures Institute in collaboration with the Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art and the Centre for Design Informatics in April #nerioxmandeathmasks #mediatedmattergroup #deathmasks #russianfashiontheory #3Dprinting #syntheticbiologyresearch #speculativedesign #humanfutures #deathstudies #deathandmemory #biodesign #transimage2018 #edinburghfuturesinstitute  #lainiburton”