Firstly, Sabrina Sayed has published a piece in the Newcastle Herald about the need for travel concessions for international students: Call for the state government to include international students in travel concessions

There is also a Gender and Education Special Issue entitled Investigating transgender and gender expansive education research, policy and practice, edited by Wayne Martino & Wendy Cumming-Potvin.

I would also like to give a big shout out of thanks to Dorina Pojani who, following a recent Cite Club conversation about bias in student feedback, put together the following to share with you all:

1 On bias in student evaluations of teaching – against female and minority instructors in particular and Students Praise Male Professors  – Study finds gender of instructors influences evaluations they receive. The articles include links to original studies.

2. On the lack of correlation between student evaluations of teaching and learning outcomes: Links are included to original study, a rigorous meta-analysis.

In light of this research, the University of Southern California and The University of Oregon recently set precedents in the USA by doing away with student evaluations in tenure and promotion decisions. Students will still evaluate their lecturers, but those ratings will not be used in high-stakes personnel decisions:
The Chronicle of Higher Education – June 2018
Inside Higher Education – May 2018

And now for the papers/book chapters…

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